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Test 1


Test 1


Test 1


We can add so many stinking columns

It’s almost silly

Yet amazing; it’s very user-friendly


I love it.


A great way to add images and captions, display site locations, etc. It is helpful to add some text to help visualize how these tools can be used and how we may want to adjust the site to utilize them.

Sergio Cervantes

Example of possible student profiles, with columns.

Kimberly Corona

Example of half-width profile columns with alternating alignment.


It is easy to drag and drop different row styles, allowing for alternating row/column combinations. Can we even keep the photo size comparable?

Can even have 2 columns within the parent column

  • And list more items
  • Project costs
  • Site locations
June 6 – A Conversation with… Tiara Na’puti

June 6 – A Conversation with… Tiara Na’puti

Assistant Professor Tiara Na'puti (Dept. of Global and International Studies) will discuss her work on indigeneity, rhetoric, and militarism in the Pacific Islands. Attendees are encouraged to engage in conversation and will have opportunities to ask Dr. Na'puti about...

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