The Global Service Scholars is a flagship program offering UC undergraduate students an experiential education to gain in-depth knowledge about compassion and service.

From 2017-2021, Global Service Scholars functioned as a program that prepared students for real work in philanthropy and community service through academic coursework focusing on sustainability, poverty alleviation, and justice. Scholars, including many minority and first generation college students, gained an educational foundation through specialized coursework and applied those lessons during immersive service-learning experiences.

As we forecast for the future, the 2021-2022 Global Service Scholars will be taking the year to revise and update the curriculum and improve the scalability and flexibility of the program. While we will not be proceeding with a student cohort in 2021-2022, we remain committed to the core values of this program and to promoting educational and community engagement opportunities.

GSS Overview

Past Partners & Sites

To Our Amazing Funders & Partners:

We are truly inspired by the work that you do and are proud of the community we have built together. Thanks to your guidance and support, our students have emerged from this program as leaders dedicated to change the world.
We will update you regarding program plans and look forward to your future endeavors.

Previous Cohorts

"With the traveling experience I was able to receive from the Global Service Scholars Program, I have realized that I want to devote my time to helping others not only in my community, but around different regions. I want to see what is out in the world and travel to help improve the world."

Edith Avila, 2019 Paraguay Scholar

"This whole experience has further reinforced my desire to help people, to live a life of service. During my time in Peru, I felt the most fulfilled I’ve ever felt for the same reason. Overall I feel more confident and secure about myself. Although life has not gotten easier, I feel stronger, and more capable of confronting it."

James Santillana, 2017 Peru Scholar

"I cannot wait to bring this new knowledge and insight back to the states with me, so that I can pass on everything that Cape Town has taught me. I feel so grateful to have had this experience in such a beautifully diverse hub of the world. I still cannot put into words how much I learned on this trip, but one thing I can say is that we are all one, and we are all connected."

Isabella Mudge, 2019 South Africa Scholar

"This experience has left me with far more than I had to offer in turn. As a person it has impressed on me the desire to be a sincere individual, to be extremely hardworking and diligent, and to exhibit qualities that are constantly patient and kind. I have been left with role models that I am privileged to have known, and who I can only aspire to frame my life goals after."

Kayli Savage, 2018 Cambodia Scholar

The Future of Global Service Scholars

As we focus on restructuring Global Service Scholars, we will not be proceeding with a 2021-2022 student cohort. This pause allows our team to improve the program's flexibility and scalability, and build even more impactful program offerings in the future.

We will be keeping our social media accounts and our newsletters active over the course of this year with updates regarding the 2022-2023 Global Service Scholars program.