After years of erosion and a year of intense storms, the passenger and freight rail line through San Clemente, CA, needs both short and long term solutions to keep it operating.

Rip-rap, while a common reactive option, may not lead to desired outcomes in the long run as this method tends to exacerbate the erosion of sand- another serious element of this particular location. The San Clemente beach’s erosion plays no small part in the negative impact on the local train infrastructure and several local officials are calling for more conversation within the long and short term plans about beach nourishment- bringing in sand – to solve the infrastructure challenge while also having additional benefits to the local community.

Blum Center’s erosion expert Dr. Brett Sanders comments in the article about the effects of coastline armoring on erosion near that armoring – it increases, he says.

OCTA’s team is reviewing options.

Read the OC Register article here.