The Orange County Register recently interviewed Brett Sanders, UC Irvine Blum Center researcher, following the flooding of Pacific Coast Highway at Bolsa Chica. Bolsa Chica State Beach has been shut down following damages from ocean flooding. This reflects the increasing danger that low sand supply poses at many southern California beaches, which has officials and locals concerned about decreasing protection from the tides. Despite rising concerns about ocean flooding, permits and federal funding have been continuously delayed, leaving southern California beaches susceptible. 

Brett Sanders noted the importance of good measurement practices, which include documenting the height and depth of beaches along with width to track and predict the pace of erosion. He mentioned that multiple factors can be causing erosion such as swells, king tides, and gravity, which are all working to cause various types of exposure on Pacific Coast Highway that leads to regular flooding. 

Together with officials like assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, UC Irvine researchers are working to make sure that steps are being taken to protect our beaches and the roads nearby. 

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