On December 20th, researchers and scientists were joined by lawmakers at the UC Irvine campus. The group came together to discuss disappearing coastlines and the effects this has been having on the Orange County beaches around us. Led by scientists from the UC Irvine Samueli School of Engineering, the attendees discussed the various routes to take in creating change and doing so quickly. 

UC Irvine researchers in the School of Engineering proposed a digital platform with science-based solutions for lawmakers’ use and public engagement. The Blum Center’s leading flood researcher Brett Sanders endorsed the idea and offered the use of existing research to jumpstart the platform. He called to begin work as soon as we can, especially for communities who are becoming a focal point in these issues. 

All those in attendance understood and agreed that these issues are worsening and hard to ignore. In fact, action to save our beaches and coastlines couldn’t come soon enough – and this meeting was a needed first step. 

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