In an article written by Kathrine Ellison for Irvine Standard, Blum Center researcher Paul Piff is interviewed regarding his work within the world of awe. He explains that the feeling of awe we experience outdoors is ultimately very good for us – enhancing our resilience when it comes to facing ‘day-to-day worries.’ For those based in Orange County, California, the UC Irvine researcher notes that being surrounded by such natural wonders makes it easy to find awe in the world around us. 

The author noted Piff’s study of about 600 UC Irvine students on their tendency to experience awe, compassion, and other positive feelings. This study found that students with a greater tendency to feel awe later reported more personal growth, and that awe predicted personal growth more than other types of positive emotion. Piff continued this research in his work with L.L. Bean, where he found that spending time outdoors created nicer people and improved mental health. The research is highlighting some important personal and social benefits of experiencing awe. 

You can read the article in its entirety here.