Global Service Scholar: Lesley Vallecillos
Country: Nepal

My day at the farm begins with a wakeup call for breakfast. Then we all meet at the dining room table and discuss the various activities that are planned for us. The activities tend to change depending on the weather.

If the weather is good and it’s not raining, we usually help the women at the farm with their daily work. At Her Farm, I have met incredible women who every day are fighting to transform the patriarchal society they live in. They have demonstrated within their community that women are powerful and can succeed. These women perform various jobs at the farm, from cooking to plowing weeds, building a road, and planting vegetables.

One job that we helped the women do was providing a clear road. The rain and the mud make it difficult to get up the road. By helping them make the road clear, we are making it easier for tractors to get up the road and deliver goods. To avoid getting dehydrated, I was designated to get water for everyone. Since the house was just five minutes from the road, I walked and grabbed a pitcher of water. After I brought the water we all took a break and rested before starting work again.

Then we all lined up downhill and passed each other the rocks to get them out of the road. Although the work was difficult, it was amazing seeing that by working as a team the task was completed. In the end, it was satisfying to see a tractor getting up the road and how our hard work paid off. After the work was finished, we went to our rooms and freshened up before starting our next activity.

In the rooms, we have two beds. I share a room with Lindsey. As I have learned the hard way, a swarm of ants will take over your room if there are sweets. Lindsey and I have worked together numerous times to get rid of the ants in our room. After various weeks of living at the farm, I have become accustomed to various insects that I find and I have learned not to be afraid.

In the second activity that is planned for us, we learned how to make dumplings. We all gathered around the cooking area as they started making the dough. The dough was then cut into small thin circles. As the dough was being made, we all sat down cutting onions, cabbage, and potato to use as a filling for the dumplings. Once we had all the ingredients, we all started filling the dumplings and making them into a round shape.

After the dumplings were done we all gathered to eat our work. At the end of the day, we all share a nice meal with all the women before heading to bed. Overall, the women at Her farm teach us different occupations every day and demonstrate that hard work is necessary to achieve their goals.