Research Assistant: Heather Wi 22-23


Photo of Heather against a background of trees.

Heather Wi (She/Her) | Research Assistant 2022-2023

Project: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: Narrative Analysis

Major: Environmental Science & Policy, minor in Anthropology

After beginning my undergrad journey as an Anthropology major, I realized that my passions were heavier in environmental science and sustainability and decided to switch to an Environmental Science & Policy major. After learning more about certain topics such as environmental justice, I realized that my original passion for anthropology tied into environmental science and decided to pursue it as a minor. 

Why the Blum Center?  I was originally interested in working with the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation because I honestly just really liked Professor Matthew’s energy while I was in his class. When I heard of the position, I saw it as a great opportunity to get research experience and help me broaden my horizons while narrowing down what I would like to do after graduation. 

Why this project?This project was initially interesting to me because I felt like it tied my major and minor together perfectly. The research topic was also very important to me because I have Indigenous family members that will be impacted by the research we are doing. 

What’s next? After undergrad, I hope to be pursuing a career in environmental planning!