Promoting social change and inspiring the next generation of leaders with research.

The UCI Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation believes in bringing together the expertise and exceptional research abilities found at this world-class university with the passion and energy of the students who form the leaders of tomorrow. We collaborate across disciplines with students, faculty and practitioners to rigorously explore systemic, geopolitical, technological and climate forces affecting poverty.

We’re passionate about our areas of expertise — the science and practice of compassion, the co-production of advanced computational modeling to mitigate flood risk, and the impacts of human trafficking and modern slavery — as well as our global partnerships addressing environmental peacebuilding and planetary health.

Our Work

We inspire the next generation of leaders and engage community stakeholders to use the power of compassion and empathy.

We utilize big-data to identify solutions to mitigate flood risk and foster peace and stability in flood-affected communities.

Through research about the economic impacts of human trafficking and slavery, we mobilize stakeholders and leaders.

For Students

We offer a range of experiential, curricular and mentorship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.

The Global Service Scholars program offers immersive service opportunities with partner organizations.

Small Change, Better World offers mini-grants to for student-led projects addressing tangible needs.

Latest News & Research

Robinson and Morgan Named to Advisory Board

Robinson and Morgan Named to Advisory Board

We are excited to announce that Dr. Angela Robinson (Blum Center) and Kelsey Morgan (Blum Center and EverFree) recently took up positions on the Advisory Board of the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking.  This collaborative of experts and philanthropists formed to...

Kelsey Morgan Appointed CEO of EverFree

Kelsey Morgan Appointed CEO of EverFree

ICYMI: Blum Center doctoral candidate Kelsey Morgan was recently appointed as CEO of EverFree! EverFree is an essential research partner in the Blum Center's work on anti trafficking and survivor reintegration. Morgan was a co-founder of EverFree and previously served...

“Climate Change is Cause for Alarm- Not Surrender”

“Climate Change is Cause for Alarm- Not Surrender”

Blum Center director, Richard Matthew, shared reflections on global collaboration for climate mitigation and the unique challenges and opportunities we currently face in this regard for the University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, of...

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