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airb bldg A core course in global poverty will launch in 2016-2017. The minor:
  • Draws upon existing campus strengths
  • A variety of applied disciplines
  • Policy-oriented domains
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Cover Photo_Blum The Center supports pioneering, interdisciplinary research to develop human-centered, contextually sensitive and sustainable solutions to poverty, including:
  • Community research projects
  • Seed grants for student research
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UCI students There are opportunities to participate both immediately, with upcoming events, and in the quarters ahead by:
  • Enabling students to engage with the issue of poverty in a practical way
  • Contributing to a body of research
  • Joining the Blum Ambassadors Council
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blum center Current UCI Blum Center news:
  • Big Ideas Contest Launches for 2016-2017. Read more HERE.
  • UCOP calls upon the Blum Centers in efforts to tackle poverty in California and across the globe.  Read the full press release HERE.
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