2017 Cohort

The inaugural cohort of Global Service Scholars volunteered with local organizations in Ghana, Peru and Thailand. Read the scholars’ individual reflections here.

Allison Anaya
Criminology, Law & Society and Psychology & Social Behavior

Denise Delgado
Criminology, Law & Society and Social Ecology

Diane Delgado
Criminology, Law & Society and Psychology & Social Behavior

Gissel Enriquez
Urban Studies & Earth System Sciences

Dania Felix
Public Health Sciences

Kimberly Haagenson
Education Sciences

Iman Hanif
Criminology, Law & Society
Minor in Psychology and Social Behavior

Alexis Lewis
Criminology, Law & Society and Psychology & Social Behavior

Cecilia Mora
Educational Sciences and Environmental Science

Lydia Natoolo
Biological Sciences
Minor in Political Science

Valerie Nguyen
Criminology, Law & Society and Psychology & Social Behavior
Minor in Humanities and Law

Erika Pfeiffer
Social Ecology
Minor in Performing Arts

Alexina Pilo
Psychology & Social Behavior and Educational Sciences

Centeera Plummer
Psychology & Social Behavior
Minor in African American Studies

Karla Sanchez Camacho
Psychology & Social Behavior

James Santillana
Psychology & Social Behavior

Irine Sin
Environmental Science and Social Ecology

Asal Yunusova
Psychology & Social Behavior and Social Ecology

Veronica Zamora
Education Sciences
Minor in Civic & Community Engagement and Global Sustainability