Research Assistant: Cynthia Marquez 22-23

Cynthia Marquez (They/Them) | Research Assistant 2022-2023

Project: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: Narrative Analysis

Major: Social Policy & Public Service and Urban Studies

I am studying to bridge equity gaps into communities who would benefit from policy that would raise their quality of life. I chose these topics so when I return to my hometown after my academic journey, I have the skillset to give back to my community through government work.

Why the Blum Center? I am interested in working with the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation because I would be learning from educated scholars who have real life experience in areas I want to enter. I would be able to cultivate the necessary skills that would allow me to one day work in similar spaces and towards similar goals as them.

Why this project? I understand that we are on stolen land. As a big National/State/lOC Parks fan, it’s always in the back of my head. This research position was an opportunity to assist the overall mission of uplifting Native American activists and bringing their voices to the forefront. 

What’s next?  After graduation, I will be participating in the UCDC program where I hope to intern with the federal government. I aspire to grow my skills as a leader through government work as a career.