Research Assistant: Anta Diagne 22-23

Anta Diagne (She/Her) | Research Assistant 2022-2023

Project: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: Narrative Analysis

Major: Environmental Science & Policy 

I chose this major because ever since I was a little girl I have always had interest in the environment, how it works, and how to care for it. Learning about anthropogenic impacts throughout middle and high school has led further into the subject. I started to realize simply wondering about what we can do for the environment wasn’t enough, so I decided to make it the focus of my studies and the center of my career. 

Why the Blum Center?  I admire and appreciate the work that the Blum Center focuses on and has accomplished. I knew right away, this is something that I want to be part of. 

Why this project? This specific project relates to two things I am deeply passionate about, and that is the environment and representation. People of Color are disproportionately affected by environmental issues. Therefore it is important that we are represented and involved in climate action. When the research topic was first introduced, I loved that the study was centered around indigenous involvement and representation within climate action. 

 What’s next? After undergrad, I plan on going on to grad school and working my way up to becoming sustainability consultant or a policy analyst for the Environmental Protection Agency.