From the University of California, Irvine, Project Hope Alliance, Second Harvest and THINK Together, the ‘Our Kids’ podcast series features the issues impacting our kids and thwarting their ability to end the cycle of hunger, homelessness and under education. Through dialogue and study we can both educate and invigorate our community to see and meet the needs of our children. Join the conversation.

Jennifer Friend

Nicole Suydam

Dr. Tracy Carmichael


Our Kids – Lights on After School

October is “Lights ON Afterschool”. Launched in October 2000, Lights On Afterschool is the only nationwide event celebrating afterschool programs and their role in keeping kids safe, inspiring them to learn and helping working families. The effort has become a staple of the afterschool movement and annually sees more than […]

Our Kids – Hidden in Plain Sight

This Our Kids episode discusses “Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless Students in America’s Public Schools,” a must-read national report examining the issues facing the 1.3 million students who are homelessness in America. Joined by Erin Ingram, one of the report’s authors from Civic Enterprises, the hosts discuss how and why […]

Our Kids – Elizabeth Cauffman

Joining your hosts for this episode of “Our Kids” is Dr. Elizabeth Cauffman, a Professor of Psychology and Law, who provides a glimpse into the sobering reality of our juvenile justice system. For the past three years Dr. Cauffman has led the UC Irvine Crossroads study, hoping to examine the […]

Our Kids – National Nutrition

“Our Kids” is a show dedicated to bringing national issues facing our kids to the local level. In honor of National Nutrition Month, this engaging episode features special guest Tracy Bryars, Manager of the Healthy Communities Initiative at St. Jude Medical Center. In this episode, she talks about her position […]

Our Kids – Hunger Awareness

Child Hunger in America This segment of Our Kids focuses on the surprising facts about child hunger in America and the devastating effects that hunger can have on a child’s developmental and physical well-being. Lisa Davis, Senior Vice President of Government Relations at Feeding America, serves as our guest to […]