Working with Blum Distinguished Visiting Scholar Martín Burt and Fundación Paraguaya, 2018 GSS scholars will live and volunteer at the San Francisco Agricultural School in Cerrito, Paraguay.

Fundación Paraguaya’s Cerrito Agricultural Technical-Vocational High School has focused a major part of its efforts over the past 10-15 years on becoming financially self-sufficient, while providing low-income students opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to earn an income, either as an employee or as a small business owner.

The Paraguay Global Service Scholars site has a three-pronged objective of:


  • Giving: helping the Cerrito Agricultural Technical-Vocational school improve the educational outcomes and social/emotional skills of its students.
  • Receiving: offering UC students “hands-on” opportunities to learn agricultural technical-vocational skills important to rural populations in a developing country, as well as learn about the nature and context of poverty in Paraguay.
  • Discovery: offering UC students the opportunity to discover historical sights, natural beauty, local attractions and the way of life in the region.