Giving Birth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Did you give birth during the pandemic?

Do you feel that you were treated differently or discriminated against while giving birth?

Giving birth involves a lot of uncertainty, especially during a global pandemic. Unfortunately, sometimes the experience of giving birth is made more difficult because of discrimination that birthing persons may face on account of a number of factors, including race, ethnicity, color, national origin, income level, education level, gender identity, sexual orientation, insurance status, COVID-19 status, how well they speak English, body weight, age, disability, marital/relationship status, whether this was a planned pregnancy, or the number of children they already had.

We are interested in learning about discrimination that birthing persons faced during the pandemic and how this impacted their well-being. Your participation will contribute to bringing these experiences to light. We hope the research can play a small part in identifying ways to better support birthing persons now and during future pandemics.  The research team includes Dr. Angela Robinson and Dr. Isabel Almeida from the University of California, Irvine.

We invite you to share your story through our research study available at It takes 15-20 minutes, and your responses are confidential. As a token of appreciation, you will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for participating. You may also be invited to take part in an interview in exchange for a $50 gift card.

Share your story

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