Recruitment for the 2020 cohort will begin in Fall 2019.

When enrollment opens for Winter 2019, enroll in PSY BEH 192B, The Science & Practice of Compassion. This course is available to ALL undergraduates, and is required to apply for and participate in the Global Service Scholars. Completion of this course does not guarantee admission as a Global Service Scholar.

Apply to the Global Service Scholars Program during January 2019. Process includes a written and video application. Applicants will be notified of selection by mid-February 2019.

If accepted, you must enroll in a specialized Advanced Seminar in Spring Quarter 2019, to prepare for the summer service trip. Students are encouraged to enroll in UPPP 115, Global Poverty & Inequality in the 21st Century.

If accepted, you will travel for a four-week service learning experience during August 2019. Current sites include Paraguay and South Africa. Funding provided for program fees, transportation, and housing.