April showers certainly brought many beautiful May flowers…but they also brought attention to flood risks in California, particularly coastal Southern California. With talk of atmospheric rivers, a phrase becoming a part of every Californian’s vernacular, worries of mega floods and damaging sediment flows, what should residents of Southern California realistically expect in the near and not so distant future? Blum Center flood researcher, Brett Sanders, recently offered insight on this and more in multiple news outlets.

Dr. Sanders discussed options for adaptation and improvement of critical flood and  erosion protections, both inland and along the coast, as storms increase in frequency and severity and as sea level rises. A Blum Center study, lead by Sanders, was also referenced multiple times, calling attention both to inequities in flood risk faced by low-income and minority residents of Los Angeles as well as the apparent inaccuracies of the federally defined flood plains revealed by Sanders’ model. In his interviews, Sanders highlighted the importance of improving resilience to these challenges to safeguard state and local economies, coastal recreation, and infrastructure, such as the rail corridor stretching from Irvine to Oceanside which has been damaged and closed as a result of coastal erosion.

Read the full articles by following the links below:

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Orange County Register (April 13, 2023) “Federal officials get up-close look at coastal erosion threats to key rail line”

CBS Los Angeles (April 13, 2023) “Metrolink, Amtrak to reopen tracks in San Clemente after 7-month closure”

ABC7 (April 16, 2023)  “Eyewitness Newsmakers: How to harness storm water and the concerning 100-year flood assessment” [with accompanying interview of Dr. Sanders]

ABC7 (April 17, 2023) “Leaders warn of coastal erosion as passenger rail services between OC and San Diego resume” [with accompanying video feature of Dr. Sanders]

LAist (April 25, 2023) “Land Of Fire And Flood: How The Climate Crisis Is Challenging Our Water Supply”

LAist (April 20, 2023) “From Drought to Deluge: The Story of the Biggest, Wettest Winter in Western History”