As heavier rain and flooding continues in California, multiple media outlets are spotlighting Blum Center research on the disproportionate effects of flooding for our poorest communities. 

UC Irvine Blum Center research that was published in Nature Sustainability last October continues to be the subject of media attention. This article focused on a new high-resolution flood modeling platform that is able to assess risk every 10 feet across the entire state of California. 

Research by UC Irvine Blum Center researchers has pointed out that “flood risk is far more widespread than suggested by federal estimates, with low-income and marginalized communities including the homeless particularly.” Our poorer communities are historically pushed into cheap homes that are not properly built for the hazardous weather patterns we have been enduring. By contrast, flooding preparedness measures have been geared toward wealthier citizens who tend to live in coastal areas. The UCI flood modeling platform is a key tool for policymakers who are showing a keen interest in understanding the role that flooding plays in the housing crisis and its impact on marginalized communities.. 

Listed below are some articles in which you can find coverage: