Nicola Ulibarri headed up a team of researchers from University of California campuses in Irvine, San Diego, and Riverside that published a new journal article outlining ‘flood problem framing’ to aid in the decision-making process for flood aid specifically in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Region in California.

The authors created focus groups comprised of flood control districts, city planners, and others to deepen their understanding of the primary concerns understood by the public as of now. They combined all their information into three main problem frames: “one concerned with large [river related] floods exacerbated by climate change and their housing, economic, and infrastructure impacts; one concerned with [rainfall related] flooding, pollution, and historic underinvestment in communities; and one concerned with coastal and fluvial flooding’s ecosystem impacts.”

In its entirety, this paper develops an understanding of the issues we face as floods occur more frequently and what problems are most prominent to begin to assess and create change within. 

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