Years ago, coastal beaches were filled with happy people spending a day in the sun with family and friends, but times have changed. Now, beaches on the coast in places such as Southern California, Florida, and even New Jersey are falling victim to the increasing amounts of coastal erosion happening. Over the years, the waves have begun to have terrible effects on our coast – parking lots and streets become flooded, and homes on the coast are hit by waves from which they would normally be protected.

UC Irvine Blum Center Researcher Brett Sanders has done quite a bit of research on this topic and has spoken with journalists and others giving recommendations and advice. For the Orange County Register, Sanders explains the primary issue: the lack of sand. He notes that having no sand is like “a car but we’ve taken the engine out of it.” 

Sanders’ research is continuing to pave the way for changes to help protect our coast and the people who live near it. As the topic of beach and coastal erosion continues, Sanders is frequently interviewed and his research is amplified as it focuses on the issues that we can no longer ignore. 

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