Blum Center Associate Director Paul Piff is a leading expert on the science of awe, and he was recently interviewed about awe by The Washington Post. In an article titled “Why it is awesome that your brain can experience awe” by Richard Sima, Piff went on record to explain his findings and allow the greater public to understand how to find awe in their lives.

Piff says, “I think you can have your mind blown in more mundane, minuscule ways in even everyday settings.” He explains that even simply being outdoors can elicit awe if you direct your attention to it. Further, the article continues to demonstrate how close to home awe can be – so close that it is in your very own head. Your brain is capable of so many amazing things, and even that itself is awe-inspiring. 

Interested in reading the article? Read it here and learn how to experience the benefits of awe in your everyday life.