April 16, 2018
12:30 – 2:00 p.m.
SE I Room 112

Event presented by UPPP and the UPPP PhD Brown Bag Seminar committee

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The internationalization of cities and the constitution of a new international space of power involves a much more expressive number of cities than only the usual global cities. Dozens of cities’ networks with diverse agendas and their own strategies of action are seeking to interfere in global processes, negotiating with large corporations, multilateral organizations and nation states. The emergence of what could become a new international law subject, the city as a category (geographical connections – spaces of globalization) and/or cities’ networks as an organization of power, is related to the democratic environment, degree of social participation, autonomy of the local government and recently to the commoditization of city’s space. City as global merchandise is treated here under the conception of rugosities, local and global rationality and creative destruction. The research aims to present this process beyond the disciplinary field of International Relations (IRs), contributing to the understanding of city diplomacy and the constitution of a new world order.

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