Research Assistant: Liam McCarthy 22-23

Liam McCarthy (He/Him) | Research Assistant 2022-2023

Project: Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples: Narrative Analysis 

Major: Environmental Science & Policy

I am dedicating my life to the Earth and to social and environmental justice. I chose Environmental Science and Policy because I want to develop the skills I need to create a world that works. A world I’d be excited to bring a family into, one I’m proud to share with the people I love, one I can be happy growing old in. 

Why the Blum Center?  I am a student of Richard Matthew’s and had Stephanie Martinez as a TA in a previous class and admire them both deeply, so when the opportunity to participate in a project with the two of them came up I jumped at it. I also feel that this research experience will develop some very useful skills for my future academic and professional endeavors. 

Why this project? Through my past experience working with activist movements and engaging in efforts to create social change, I have come to really enjoy learning about and exploring the ways in which other groups of people are fighting the same fights. Indigenous cultures are of particular interest to me as someone who cares deeply about climate mitigation and environmental justice, so this particular research project further piqued my interest. 

What’s next? After finishing my time as an undergrad at UCI, I plan to get my career in environmental justice started, hopefully as a project manager for a restoration or advocacy group. We’ll see what happens!