Research Assistants


Suyeon Ahn is a fourth year Criminology, Law and Society major, minoring in Civic and Community Engagement as well as Biology. She is an undergraduate research assistant for the UCI Blum Center Human Trafficking Research team. She hopes to bring awareness to the prevalence of human trafficking globally as well as locally- right here in our own communities in Orange County.

Krysta Photo

Krysta Christensen is a fourth-year Urban Studies undergraduate. In Winter 2021, she accepted the position of volunteer Research Assistant with a focus on anti-human trafficking research to bring more awareness to the global issue. Through this research, Krysta aspires to help aid those in Orange County who are interested in responding to human trafficking, to be more knowledgeable about the resources non-profit organizations provide in the city. Her interests are becoming an Urban planner whose focus is on making cities more enjoyable and truly reflective of the individuals within the city on every socioeconomic level, in the US and abroad.

Previous Student Assistants

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Student Assistant, 2018-2019
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Student Assistant, 2020
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Student Assistant, 2016-2018
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Student Assistant, 2020
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Student Assistant, 2017-2019
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Student Assistant, 2018-2019

Previous Research Assistants

Lia Celeste
Field Study Research Assistant, Winter 2021
Crystal Escobedo
Field Study Research Assistant, Winter 2021
Kurt-Michael Bobis Songcog
Field Study Research Assistant, Winter 2021