Following the influx of rainfall in California, The New York Times released an article about the flooding. The article, split into two sections: the immediate and the long-term, gives an overview of what California is currently enduring and what we should expect moving forward. 

Dr. Brett Sanders, a leading UC Irvine Blum Center expert on flooding, commented on the matter in the article. Sanders made it clear that it is unfortunately very easy to flood streets and roads with the rate of rainfall as of late. Further, the article mentions his work to inform various local cities of their vulnerability to flooding so that they may be more educated on the risks and we can begin to save lives rather than continue to lose them. 

The article included more work from other researchers, such as a professor from the UC Davis campus. As the rainfall in southern California begins to subside, the flooding events we have seen thus far should be a warning sign to us all: citizens, researchers, and policymakers alike.

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