Restore recently highlighted the work of Blum Center researcher Kelsey Morgan in their report, Impact Unlocked: How 10 organizations are measuring impact of anti-trafficking services. 

The report highlights Morgan’s work developing the Freedom Greenlight and rolling it out within EverFree. The tool is centered around a definition of success that includes “empowering communities, preventing trafficking, and ensuring lasting freedom for all survivors.” The Freedom Greenlight aims to meet this goal by allowing survivors to take a self-guided survey to assess their wellbeing, including their strengths, vulnerabilities, and priorities. With support from a case manager, the results of the Freedom Greenlight assessment are used to create a care plan. The tool can be easily adapted for any context, and the Blum Center and EverFree are partnering to offer use of the Freedom Greenlight to other organizations to help survivors of human trafficking begin to get the help they need. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the Freedom Greenlight and how it helps organizations measure impact, click here to access the report.