Designing Solutions 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 Semi-Finalists include:


    Seeking to provide an affordable, point-of-care therapeutic for diabetic foot ulcer patients. By utilizing a small amount of the patient’s own body fat, our device is able to activate the stem cells found within it and use their regenerative properties to repair damaged tissue. The entire treatment can be performed in under one hour.

Red Lion Robotics

    A low cost gait trainer that attaches to wheelchairs and allows patients to practice walking from the safety of their wheelchair. Every time patients do their therapy, their wheelchair rewards them with mobility, giving them a compelling experience that encompasses their key needs of therapy, motivation and mobility as they recover from their walking disability.


    There’s no Constitutional right to an attorney outside of criminal law, and market rate for an attorney starts, at the bottom, at $250/hour. The result is that 80% of low-income Americans, and even a huge portion of working class Americans, can’t find representation for their non-criminal legal needs.

    Esqalate is a pioneering non-profit startup that is leveraging technology to finally bridge this Access to Justice Gap. It is doing this through two online web platforms: Proboknow and Lowboknow.


    To support the future scientists and engineers, SciPic aims to help youth see that science is everywhere around them. SciPic, a mobile app, allows teachers and educators to create photo albums for students to upload photos and videos of the science that is intertwined in their every day lives.

Loy Loy – The Savings Game

    The innovative financial education boardgame, ‘Loy Loy’, has been successfully pilot tested in Cambodia and the United States with both low-income communities and among stakeholders in policy and industry. It has proven to be a valuable interactive tool for teaching and testing financial inclusion solutions. The electronic version of Loy Loy, distributed worldwide to NGO partners, universities and governments will enable better savings practices and a more complex understanding of the social and economic dynamics of poverty.

Pure Game

    Since its full-time inception as a not-for-profit, Pure Game has achieved social impact and community building in some of the toughest areas of Orange County by delivering life messages through sport activity. Not your traditional not-for-profit, Pure Game is creating innovative, self-sustainability social impact by that not only benefits the communities, but builds a healthy engaged workforce who can experience ongoing impact. It does not work with the athletes, but works on the inclusion of all children and offers them the opportunity to enjoy learning life skills and build character traits in a fun and trusted environment. Pure Game immerses itself into the community and encourages the older students to become mentors to the younger community members, on and off the field.