Natasha Kaushal

Natasha is a third year undergraduate student double majoring in Public Health Policy and Political Science at the University of California, Irvine. She is currently a research lead for UCI’s Global Health Research, Education and Training (GHREAT) team, conducts undergraduate research for Dr. Andrew Noymer regarding population mortality and biostatistics, and is a Facilitator for an Idea Exchange Group for Biological Sciences “Introduction to AIDS” course. Natasha plans to participate in UCDC’s Summer Internship Program and hopes to intern at a health policy office. Her previous involvements include UCI Women’s Club Volleyball, UCI Men’s Crew and UCI Mock Trial Team.

In the future, Natasha plans on pursuing her PhD in Global Health or Health Policy to better identify and explain political discourses on health on a global scale and their effects on health-related policies. Her career goals are to lower the prevalence of chronic diseases and lifestyle-related illnesses by enacting policies to enhance access to health-related resources for currently underserved populations.