Jocelyn Yin

Jocelyn's head photo

Joycelyn (Pei-Hua) Yin is an international student from Taiwan, majoring in Urban Studies, and minoring in Civic and Community Engagement. She joined the Blum Center at UCI because she cares about issues relating to poverty. Before coming to the United States for a bachelor degree, she had witnessed huge inequalities within communities in the countryside of Honduras where she volunteered with Rotarians to install water filters. From then on, she became passionate about issues relating to social justice and community development. She feels that as one who does not need to worry about basic necessities, she has the responsibility to help those who are in need. When she sees the poor or homeless on the street or hears about their struggles, it is hard for her to do nothing. She wants to do something to help them and make their lives more comfortable. Thus, by being involved in the Blum Center, she hopes to work with students and faculty who also share similar passions. She hopes to gain hands-on experience of solving poverty-related issues through engaging with local community leaders and promoting the awareness of poverty on campus and in our communities.