UC Blum Research Action Network: Inaugural Compendium

Blum Federation compiles innovative research into an inaugural compendium
May 2017

The UC Blum Federation has released a compendium of research working toward reducing poverty and improving health for all populations. The development of the Compendium was led by center directors at the UCLA Blum Center on Poverty and Health in Latin America, the UC Riverside Blum Poverty Institute and the UC Santa Cruz Center on Poverty, Social Enterprise and Participatory Governance.

This compilation, Discovering Solutions for Global Wellbeing, highlights research conducted by most of the 10 Blum Centers of the UC Blum Federation. It provides a snapshot of research recently published or currently underway in six thematic areas: 1) using social cohesion to strengthen communities; 2) initiatives to improve health; 3) politics and governance; 4) sustaining the physical environment; 5) frontiers of the social science of poverty and 6) the impact of development.

“We are pleased to document the combined work of the UC Blum Centers in such a way that can inform other researchers, policymakers, and program planners about these new discoveries,” commented Michael A. Rodriguez, MD, MPH, founding director of the UCLA Blum Center.” While this provides just a slice of the research and activities our centers conduct, we hope this compendium will inspire the development of and further research into the changes we need to make our world a healthier place for all,” he continued.

To download the compendium at no charge and learn more, visit here.